Luminous leashes and collars

Concerned pet owners are always interested in buying every kind of item related to security or beautification of their pets. If it concerns dogs, then dog collars and leaches should be considered. Dogs love to be with you and follow you if possible, everywhere you go, so if it happens that you are love going on early morning walks or evening stroll with your dog, then it is important that you not only adorn your dog but also protect it. To get this done, having a leach or collar around your dog would not be a bad idea.

Dogs have a diverse somatic appearance, that means the same tags or collars cannot fit every dog. Choosing a collar which does not irritate your dog should be your utmost concern. Better still, buy adjustable ones, that way your dog can have enough space to move its neck as well as have a good breathing space, but it should be tight enough to stay around the neck region. To be sure that you are selecting the right collar, you can simply measure your dog’s neck. Leaches and collars have different sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest. It would be nice if to have a personalize collar as you can imprint a tag as your dog ID on it. It doesn’t stop here as the list is endless.


The dog is missing!!!, this is one saddening and awkward situation you can experience as a dog owner. There are two possible things that can prompt a sudden dog disappearance.

Dogs can get suddenly run off and never come back or a possible case of theft. Either way, having a dog collar can help prevent this especially if it is modified with a dog ID.

Below are some leaches and collars I will advise you purchase for your dog, they are tested and have been proven to be trusted.

Nylon Dog Leash from FuzzBunz

This dog leash is just the beginning of my list. The Nylon Dog Leash from FuzzBunz has a comfortable padded handle designed for reflective stitching for maximum visibility during nighttime. It does not wear out quickly neither does it fray as it is made up of high-quality nylon.

This particular leash is appropriate for dogs weighing from 25-150 pound, and it may seem quite heavy for smaller breeds yet to be leash trained.

Flexi Retractable Dog Leash

Another leach included on my list the Flexi Retractable Leash. This leash has a button for braking and locking, and it is specified for small breeds of dogs weighing about 33 pounds and encompasses up to 13 feet tall. It is very comfortable, and you will enjoy the feelings in your hand while walking with your pet.

Loops 2 Double Handle Nylon Leash

Loops 2 Double Handle Nylon Leash is an American owned product. It is a double-handled leash that offers your dog that extends to about 6 feet (although other dogs can use it) enough space and provides an easy and comfortable feeling when pulling your dog. The other grip is embroidered just at the extreme base of the pooch lead, so it is not just dangling around when not in use.

PetsLovers Durable Dog Leash

Let’s say you are not the type that loves anything fancy and you prefer a standard leach with attachments; then this leash is just the best you can get. This nylon leach gives you absolute control over your pet as it has double layer grips although with a soft handle that protects you from the excessive jumping and pulling your dog.

BonaFido Retractable dog leash

BonaFido retraceable dog leash is one of the common dog leashes around. It is so high in demand that the manufacturers are often on their toes to meet up with the excessive demands. Its characteristics are just the perfect and have all the standard requirements your leach may be needing. It is comfortable, easy to use and matches virtually any size or breed of dog (depending on the size you buy though

Like I said earlier, the list is not exhaustive, we could go on and on listing them, but I guess that isn’t what you are interested in. As a dog owner, you need a good dog leash, and that’s what this write-up is all about. I can only but wish you luck in your search for the leash that best suits your dog.