Where should you buy a dog?

Having the title of “man’s best friend” isn’t a mere title to be bestowed upon any animal. The dog is easily referred to as man’s best friend all over the world. Some of their features and characteristics make them so loveable; they are friendly, they are extremely loyal, appealing to the eye, great playmates, can be protectors when you want them to be and wonderful friends. These reasons and more make them a must get for everyone who wants the perfect pet and companion because, with a dog, years of unmatched experience is often guaranteed

So, you’ve heard about the amazing qualities of dogs, and you can’t just wait to get your hands on one and snuggle it up, you have to put some factors into huge consideration. Truth is although you get yourself a dog from anywhere including pet shops, breeders and online, it is important you the best and reputable places to get your dogs.

You would be surprised to know that there are lots of doggy places that claim to offer great services when it comes to selling dogs but when you see them firsthand, you would be nothing short of disappointed. In saving yourself from disappointing when it comes to getting a dog, it is important you put into consideration some important factors, and we have helped you to answer some of the questions you might be asking yourself when you want to get a dog

Why is it best to buy a dog only from an experienced breeder and not some private people?

As a potential dog owner, one of the important factors you have to put in mind is where and who you are getting the dog from. And we can’t stress this enough when we say you should try at all cost get from an experienced breeder as compared to private owners or one-off sellers. This decision will save you on a lot but in the short and long run. You want to avoid getting sickly, injured and dying puppy and if you are not careful, that’s what you would get when you don’t purchase from an experienced breeder and decide to buy from private owners and pet shops. No one wants to get a dog that won’t give you utmost joy, happiness, and satisfaction, we certainly wouldn’t want that for you, and we know you wouldn’t want that for yourself.

Although some breeders still fall short when it comes to giving the best, the chances of getting a dog that doesn’t meet your standard from them are not so often. With seasoned and renowned breeders, you get these amazing benefits and advantages.

  • They have years of knowledge about a particular breed and can tell you all you need to know concerning the breeds traits, character and the qualities to expect from the breed
  • Acts as a source of guidance to potential owners and give sound advice concerning the dogs to them ask regards issues that may arise immediately or in the future
  • They have the mother on the premises (sometimes both the father and mother) so potential owners can properly watch the lifestyle and observe her general behavior and health levels
  • You are not left out of the paws of the breeder; potential owners are screened as well to know if you fit the dog and if you would provide the best and comfortable home for the dog
  • Experienced breeders won’t hesitate to properly vaccinate the puppy when due and also they won’t prevent you from seeing the living conditions of the dogs if you so wish to do so

These benefits you get from experienced breeders are not found from private sellers and one-off sellers in most cases, they might just want to do a fast sell and then paint a picture of perfection for you to believe only for you to have regrets later on. To be on the safe side and have the best of dog companion, get your dogs from an experienced breeder every time.

Minimum age to get a dog

With dogs, it is very important to get them at an early stage, so they grow up with you and get fond of you and the environment on time. A situation you want to avoid is getting the dog too young or too old. Too early and the dog might be deprived of the quality time with its mother and too old it might take a little bit longer to adapt to your new environment.

To keep things on the safe side, a minimum allowable age to get your dog is eight weeks. Although some breeders might go for as high as 12 weeks or as low as seven weeks, because of the breed of the dog, and other factors, the accepted minimum age to get a dog is eight weeks.

Websites where you can buy dogs right from breeders

As a way of bringing potential dog owners closer to breeders, there are websites that provide the opportunity for breeders to meet potential dog owners. These websites don’t directly sell the dogs, but they provide a connecting point with renowned breeders and buyers. Three of such websites are mentioned below

www.thekennelclub.org.uk/getting-a-dog-or-puppy/ : they not only connect you to a proper breeder, but they also provide excellent advice on how to go about catering for your dog

www.akc.org/puppies /: they help connect you to breeders in and around your area as well as provide helpful tips from health tips to maintenance and general lifestyle that would be of help to you and your dog.

www.puppyspot.com /: With puppy spot, you are connected with the right breeder, given sound advice on puppy maintenance and you are given a proper orientation on what it takes to be a dog owner

What to look out for when buying a dog

In as much as a breeder will give high praises to the breed they want to give out to you, you still have to look out for certain factors, traits and characteristics before you make your choice. Questions have to be asked to get proper clarification, and you have to be on the lookout for potential red signs. Some of the features to look out for and questions to ask are mentioned below

Age of the dog: The minimum allowable age for dogs to be given out by breeders is eight weeks. Ensure they meet this minimum requirement. One way to find out is to see if the dogs have waned in the milk of the mother.

Maintenance factor: this is one area many folks are scared off. You have to put into consideration the amount of time you would willing spend with your dog before getting one. Maintenance is key to ensuring they have a healthy and energetic life. The breeder should be able to give you tips and hints about maintaining the dog

Lifespan: Because of the different varieties and breeds of dogs, their lifespan isn’t uniform. There are those that die early while there is some that last well into their old age. Although this isn’t a major issue, it is important you how long your dog is going to stay beforehand.

Medical conditions: knowing the medical conditions and requirements of the dog will be very handy. A healthy dog will do you more good obviously than an unhealthy one. Check out the medical conditions and issues concerning the dog and have the breeder tell you what to anticipate as the health of the dog.

Things and Questions to ask of the breeder

Some of the things and questions you should ask of the breeder when getting a dog include;

  • Ask if the puppies have been weaned off the milk of their mother. These should tell you how young the puppy you are acquiring is
  • Ask if the puppy has undergone warming and how recent has it been.
  • As regards shots, have they had their shot and when was the last time they did? The breeder should easily tell you the number of vaccinations the dog has undergone and when it is due for a new one
  • Ask if the dog can be returned if you find out you can cater to its need. As a side note, take the dog to a veterinary doctor within 48 hours of purchase to do a proper test. If the results are alarming, notify the breeder and return
  • Try to see the mother of the puppy as this will give you a better idea of the character and temperament of the puppy you are getting
  • Ask to know how many times the mother has bred, more than four is cruel, and you should contact the relevant authorities to report


Getting a puppy for you or your family can be a satisfying decision and a very rewarding experience every way you choose to look at it. They are loyal companions, very friendly and man’s best friend. It falls on you to get a dog that you would show care and love from the right place. Acquiring a puppy from an experienced breeder instead of a private seller is one decision that will benefit you greatly. If you want the best dog for you and derive years of happiness from your dog, the get one from an experienced breeder. If you find yourself in a position not able to find the right dog for yourself or too expensive to import from another country, check your local animal shelter. These shelters have different breeds of dogs that await adoption by potential owners. That can be your lucky place. You not only get the breed you want locally but also at almost zero cost. The catch is; know the breed that you want, the rest is seamless!