Boxers – It is all about the Proportions

Want to get in touch with your playful side? Then, you need an equally playful and energetic companion like the Boxer. Yes, the Boxer is filled with so much energy that it’s practically restless at most times. Mind you, this medium-sized dog is totally safe around kids and strangers since it has a strong sense of care and loyalty. Boxers are sometimes territorial, but only with other large breeds of dogs. However, with enough socialization, you can curb this territorial trait. So, let’s take a look at the general description of the famous Boxer breed.

Boxes are medium-sized or large muscular breeds of dogs. This breed has a short wide skull, a square muzzle, and a protruding lower jaw – this gives it a strong underbite. This facial structure reveals that Boxers are descendants of English bulldogs and Germany’s bullenbeiser breeds. Boxers have a short, tight-fitting brindle or fawn coat. The fawn coat comes in different shades of colors from light tan/yellow to red to mahogany, while the brindle coat represents black slashes on a fawn coat. Boxers are always full of energy, and they need constant walks to stay calm. However, you should try to limit their outdoor activities, especially during hot summer afternoons, since they are more susceptible to heatstroke than any other breed.

Origin of Boxers

Let’s take a look at the name of the breed; “Boxers.” Some people think that the breed got its name from the way it stands on its hind while waving the forelegs in a “boxing” motion. On the other hand, some think the breed got its name from the German word: “Boxhl.” “Boxhl” is the German word for slaughterhouse destinations, where these dogs were used for bull baiting, and for driving cattle. Well, whatever fits your choice. Boxers were bred in the 19th century, and are descendants of the now-extinct Bullenbeiser and English bulldogs.

As mentioned earlier, they were used for bull-baiting and driving cattle. It was after the Second World War that Boxers were introduced to the United States and other parts of the world. Within a short while, the Boxer became the 8th most popular dog breed in the US. In fact, it was once used as a service dog by law enforcement agencies. Boxers became very popular after WW2, as returning soldiers took this loyal breed back to their respective countries.

For whom is this breed a good partner?

Boxers are very energetic, and they require constant exercise and companionship. Most Boxers tend to be destructive if left alone to their vices. So, they are ideal for those who need constant companionship. Additionally, they fit in well with large families, since there’s always someone to play with them.

They can adapt well to apartments and other forms of city dwelling. However, they require constant walks, to release pent-up energy. Additionally, they are great with kids, and they have an undying loyalty to their family. It’s probably the reason why the first Boxers in the States, let’s were used as service and guard dogs. Lastly, you shouldn’t try to get a Boxer, if you are not comfortable with its sneezing, slobbering, drooling, and flatulence. If you think you can ignore these traits or put up with them without affecting your peace, t eth Boxer maybe your perfect dog.

Common Statistics for Boxers

As mentioned earlier, boxers are large breeds, and the adult male weighs about 65 – 80lbs, while the female weighs 50 – 65lbs. Although they originated from Germany, Boxers have enjoyed wide publicity all around the world. Firstly, due to their effectiveness as messenger dogs in combat missions, and later, for their strength as guard dogs in major law enforcement agencies. Today, boxers are popular in the US, Canada, Germany, and other European countries.

Unfortunately, Boxers have a short life expectancy – 8 to 10 years, and this is caused mainly by inbreeding. What’s more, they face various disorders such as beachy cardiac and other cardiac diseases. They also face disorders like corneal ulcers, hypothyroidism, digestive diseases, and skin allergies. These are very vital notes every Boxer owner must take into consideration before and during its ownership. This is the only way to ensure the owner and the dog stay happy and have reasonable expectations of each other.