What is compulsive head pressing

Having that special dog in our lives can be so much satisfying and great especially when they give us happiness and love every time. We always want to see our pups happy, healthy and joyful and it is for these reasons that owners should be made aware of a very deadly symptom called head pressing.

Dog owners should never confuse head pressing as a sign of love from your dog. Anytime, you observe your dog pressing its head most especially against a hard surface like a wall, that should give you a sign that something is wrong somewhere.

In most cases, the dog actually presses its head against a hard surface while in some cases they stand beside the wall, with their head hanging low and not moving. Whichever way it is, head pressing is never a good sign, and quick action has to be taken because at that moment, your pup is in a hell lot of pain and that’s something we wouldn’t want.

What is Head-Pressing

Heading pressing is when a dog repeatedly presses its head (in a mild or aggressive manner) against a solid or hard surface for a lengthy period. This condition usually indicates that damage has been caused to the nervous system of the dog. The condition shows no respect to any breed, species or age of any dog. It affects all dogs irrespective of size or color.

Causes of head pressing

Some reasons exist as to why your dog would want to press its head against surfaces. Some of the causes include;

  • Brain tumors
  • High level of salt imbalance
  • Lead poisoning
  • Parasites infection
  • Mild or severe stroke
  • Head trauma
  • Infection of nervous system
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Poisoning
  • Neurological diseases

Preventive measures

There are no specific preventive measures that can be implemented. We know that head pressing can be caused by some factors, so it is important to maintain a general lifestyle for your pup. Notwithstanding, here are some preventive tips below you can employ.

  • Ensure vaccines are up to date
  • Ensure your pet maintains an overall healthy lifestyle.
  • Employ the use of appropriate parasite control when necessary.


Because head pressing can be caused by various factors, treatment is highly dependent on the type of symptoms that appear and what the veterinary doctor diagnoses. It is proper to get in contact with the vet doctor so a proper treatment method can be administered after proper diagnosis. Depending on the underlying cause, your dog can make a full recovery and be healthy again.

It is painful seeing your pup, in so much discomfort and pain knowing how much joy they give us. As an owner, it is important you pay great attention to your pup and know exactly when the condition arises. Do not hesitate to put a call through to your vet doctor, to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. The good news is that if the damage isn’t so severe, your pup can recover and live a healthy and happy life again.