Funny dog behavior

Don’t we just love our pups? They are full of life, caring and wonderful companions. They show these amazing qualities and even more and it makes them worthy to bear the title “man’s best friend.” Apart from the amazing characteristics they show, we may have picked up on some of the funny behaviors they show occasionally. From drooling to wagging of their tail, each of these behaviors always leaves us curious, and we are left to ask the question why do they do that? Well, we are to answer some of the questions as to why dogs show some particular funny behaviors.

Why do dogs eat grass?

Eating grass Is not in any way dangerous to your dog. It is something their ancestors probably did to boost up their fiber intake; even wild dogs occasionally take a cut of grass down their throats now and then. But with all the tasty treats and delicious dog food you provide for them, many owners are still surprised by this funny behavior dogs to show occasionally. The way we see it, maybe they want a taste of grassy salads to quench their appetite curiosity. The old myth is that they eat grass to help them vomit, but that has been debunked. Nutritional deficit most notably lack of fiber is usually one of the reasons why dogs nibble on grasses.

Other reasons would be that they do find the taste very good and yummy and can’t simply get enough of it. Some it could be boredom that leads them into eating grass while for others it is simply curiosity. How does this grass taste like? Is probably the question they asked themselves before chewing on it?

Although eating grass itself is safe and not dangerous for your dog, care must be taken to make sure the grasses have not been sprayed with pesticides or insecticides that if consumed may be harmful and poisonous to the dog.

Dogs eating grasses is a funny behavior found in most pups, just keep an eye out for them as they play with the grasses.

Why do dogs chase their tails?

Here is another that just stands out from the rest of the funny behaviors exhibited by dogs. Tail chasing is usually found among puppies, but it is not strange to see it among older dogs. It can be very hilarious watching your pup chase around their tail with the hope that they are going to catch it anytime soon. They only stop when they finally realize that their tail is only but an extension of their body rather than an “enemy” to be caught.

So, owners worry when the tail chasing is persistent (especially if the dog is in its adult age). Reports show that it could mean there might be an underlying medical cause or cognitive issues. But you do not need to worry or raise any alarms especially when your dog is still young. Tail chasing is just part of their growth process and exploration. In most cases, they are just playing when they chase their tail. It is a source of entertainment and a way to break boredom for them. And as an onlooker, watching your pup chase around its tail in circles can be very funny if not hilarious. They usually grow out of this funny behavior so no need to be worried.

Why do dogs love digging?

It would seem the digging traits of dogs is inherited from their ancestors. Digging has always been and would always be part of a dog’s trait. It is just wired inside of them and they literally go hand in hand. This behavior can be cute and funny at the same time. With dogs, digging isn’t done only on the ground. They have no limits to where they can dig. It’s no wonder you see them digging on dirty laundry or even couch cushions.

The way it is with dogs, they do not dig in isolation, there is always a “why” to their digging. There are various reasons as to why dog dig and some the reasons can be funny.

  • They dig to stay cool and away from heat
  • They dig to hid their treats and preserved them for later use
  • They did protect and keep valuable items like toys safe
  • Some dogs dig just to have fun and save themselves from boredom
  • Some dig for hunting purposes
  • For entertainment purposes
  • To eat up objects and dirt

The reasons are many as to why they dig that is because it is there nature and part of their funny behavior.

Why do dogs droll?

Ever brought out a treat for your dog and the next thing you see, is your dog with its salivating with drool everywhere? We bet it’s something you see every time. Drooling is one of the many funny behaviors in dogs, and many dog owners must have come across their dogs salivating from the mouth whether small amounts or in large quantities. Don’t get tired of the bringing out the paper towels and wiping the drool off the floor because your Dog will never stop drooling.

Drool is a completely natural process, and it is part of the digestive process exhibited by dogs. Drool is simply spat or saliva. It is packed with beneficial enzymes that help in swallowing of food, digestion of food and also serves as an antiseptic to help fight against infections and accelerate the healing process of mouth injuries.

Drooling is typically a natural and normal process for dogs irrespective of breed, age or size. Dogs usually drool in situations where they are offered tasty treats, or they are hungry and are eagerly awaiting their meals. As long as the food is involved, their mouth has no other option than to drool. It is a funny but yet automatic and natural response. Although the volume of drool might differ from dog to dog, the response is still the same. Food brings out the drool in dogs.

Funny behaviors exhibited by dogs make them the more special. Some of these behaviors are just down to them being curious and trying to explore their young age. Give them time; they would outgrow some of these behaviors.