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Example of our implemented Widget

Let me start by thanking you for coming to this page. This is telling me something: We have at least one thing in common!

And that is: Our LOVE for our animal friends!

Here at we are trying to build a resource for people like you and me, people who love pets and either have one or are looking to get one.

We want to shed some light on all the questions someone like that could run into.

For that reason we are growing week by week, adding fresh and well researched knowledge articles all the time.

But let’s get down to why YOU are here. Most probably you are running a website and either were contacted by us directly or found your way here by checking out “that funny widget” on someone else’s homepage.



Whom is this for?

Generally speaking: anyone hosting a website whose visitors are pet owners or interested in becoming such. This includes but is not at all limited to:


  • Animal associations / clubs
  • Animal Shelters and Rescues
  • Breeders
  • Pet forums
  • Pet enthusiasts



Clear alert if there was a recent recall within past 14 days

So what is this Food Recall Widget?

This whole website is completely free. We do however add some promotion material every now and then if we are convinced that the reader will benefit from it. We also promote some pet food and came to notice (as dog owners ourselves) that there are actually a high number of pet food recalls each and every year!

So although pet food manufacturers do the best they can in terms of product quality, every now and then it happens that whole lots of product lines have to be recalled in order to protect our beloved small friends.

As website owners and pet owners ourselves we felt the need to do something good here and get the word spread when manufacturers recall their products.

This brought us to the idea that we could set up a widget, which is basically a standalone application, which will declare this new info to a public audience as big as possible.


And this is basically what we came up with. We now have what we call the highly customizable ‘Pet Food Recall Widget’ which any webmaster can easily set up on his website within less than 2 minutes (as shown in the videos below). Whenever a user visits your website now, the widget will load data from our backend and tell the visitor if there has been a warning or recall recently.


This data-fetching is asynchronous in order to prevent your website from slowing down so there is actually no downside for you nor your visitors. The data is fed automatically and the info will update whenever the FDA, the manufacturers themselves or any other organization declares a food recall officially.



What is in it for YOU

The most obvious reason would be the added value since you are showing a well-designed and highly interesting widget that actually matters to any pet lover out there.

This is completely free of charge now and forever and it is a one-time setup which takes less than two minutes to implement on your website. In case you have problems with it or you are not sure about how exactly you can adjust the design so that it fits perfectly with your site just contact us and we will gladly help you with it!


Once you have added it to your website please get in touch so we can add you to our list of partners for free!


Customizing of the Widget

Tweak the settings below to adapt the Widget to your needs. The live preview to the right will update accordingly!


Customize To Match Your Website's Design

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How to implement it in WordPress

Implementing it in WordPress is as easy as can be. Just follow the Video below and that is it!

How to implement it with Blogger

Since Blogger is no longer supporting JQuery, you will have to do one small extra step compared to WordPress. This is also shown in the Video so just follow the process and you will be fine. The link to the current version of JQUery is:

How to implement it with other Frameworks

If you have set up a website without one of the above or similar to them you will most probably be knowing enough PHP that you don’t need any explanation as to how to implement this widget. If you still face any issues just let us know and we will try to solve it together with you!


Q: Is this free for the webmasters and the visitors?

A: Yes it is and will forever be free for any party involved!


Q: Will this slow down my website?

A: No this will not influence your website loading time since the widget will be loading asynchronous to the rest of the content (after the rest is done loading)


Q: What happens if I don’t want it anymore?

A: In case that happens, just remove the code and you are done!


Q: I am not able to identify the perfect coloring for my case!

A: If you are not able to make this blend in with your design just contact us and we will help you with customization!


Q: Where do you get the data for the recalls?

A: We are pulling data from multiple feeds and combining them to make sure we have them all covered!