Best Dog Food for Adult Dogs

Nothing can prove more fulfilling and satisfying than seeing your young puppy grow and mature into adult stage, beaming with energy and passion. But with this growth, comes the need for changes in the dog’s life and you would agree with us when we say one key area where these changes are felt more than in the dog’s life is its dietary plan, in plain and simple terms “what they eat.”

Saying One of the delicate stages of a dog’s life is the adult stage would not be strange, and it is at this stage of their growth that they spend the majority of their years. It is essential that they get the right care, attention and most importantly food.

When it comes to food for adult dogs, one thing that shouldn’t be compromised on is the is important that the best adult dog food is selected at all cost to maintain the dog’s best health. Seeing your dog energetic, healthy and full of life is something every dog owner wants, and the right dietary plan for your dog gives you that option.

In getting the best dog food for adult dogs, there are certain factors to keep in mind and some of the factors we’ve highlighted serve as a guide.

What should be in the diet of an adult dog?

As adults, the activities of the dog’s increase, they require more energy to function properly as well as the right balance of nutrients as this will greatly determine how their senior years will be. To ensure maximum efficiency is derived from the dogs, it is proper that their diet has the right essentially a balance between carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, and fats. The best food for adult dogs can likely contain up to about 50% carbohydrate and 2% to 5% fiber. Regarding calories, about 5% is needed from fats while a minimum of 10 is required from protein. All these combine to give the dog a very energetic and healthy adulthood.

How much should they eat depending on age?

The question on your mind might be how do you know when a dog is entering into adulthood or can be called an adult? In answering that question, it is common knowledge that dogs don’t age the same way humans do and also there are different species and breeds which makes the aging process a little bit non-uniform among does and ss it goes, knowing when exactly a dog is termed an adult varies. But for feeding purposes, it is important to know the age of your dog, so they are feed with the right type of food and the right amount.

Ideally, when a dog is between 9 to 12months of age, it came of age and termed an adult, and it is introduced to an adult dog diet plan. Also if the dog gets up to 90% of the total weight it will be when fully grown as an adult, it can be considered as an adult dog for feeding.

Top 3 recommended Food products for adult dogs

Walking into the dog food section of your pet shop, you would be greeted by a different variety of dog foods from different brands. It can be very difficult choosing the best food for adult dogs, and in making things easy for you, we’ve profiled three brands that stand out

  1. Acana Regionals meadowland formula: As a stand out product, Acana dog food is ideal for your adult dogs. They are well refined and prepared to give your dog the required nutrients it needs for its growth and daily activities. Made entirely in the US, comes with the highest quality and standards and it is made with a well-balanced ratio of meat and fruits to give your adult dog a well-balanced diet. They come prepared in state of the art kitchens and small batches. All these ensure quality is maintained at all times.
  2. Earthborn holistic small breed adult dog formula: Made essentially for the small dogs in mind, these dog formula works wonders for dogs weighing up 20 pounds or less when they are fully matured. The product aims at providing longevity, proper weight control, high nutrient levels and provides great energy output from the dog. They provide a well-balanced option regarding proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The product is made via a combination of meat meals as well as fruits and vegetable combo, and these combinations of fruits and meat leave no room for lack when to comes to the dieting of your small adult dog.
  3. Castor and Pollux Organix Grain Free Chicken and potatoes recipe: Both their organic and natural products are sealed with quality. They have the best vets and animal nutritional expert, formulate their quality products. The main ingredient of these their cuisine is a free-range organic chicken package with organic potatoes, tapioca, and peas. They all combine to provide high-end protein and fats for your adult dogs.

There are various products that dubious and what they specify on their label isn’t part of what they offer. It is good you confirm with your vet doctor in other to know which product you should use for your dog. Also, not all products have the FDA seal of approval, but they should have as a minimum Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) status.

What makes them stand out from the rest?

Feeding your dog with the right amount and quality of food each day keeps them in shape and healthy. The best dog food for adult dogs when given in the right amount ensures that the dogs get the best nutritional benefits, as well as help, prevent some health challenges.

If we are to be completely honest, there is no easy way to pinpoint the quantity of food an adult dog would require. This is because the amount to be fed to an adult dog would depend on; the size of the dog, the amount of exercise they put in each day, the number of times they eat in a day, their nursing or pregnancy needs, their weight and above all their age.

The best adult dog foods usually come with a feeding chart label that helps owners to properly measure the quantity of food given to the dog. These labels are usually dependent on the weight of the dog. Most of the specified amounts are usually those that should be taken in a day, so it is left for you as the owner (as well as with the advice of your veterinary doctor) to know if you would ration into two or more servings a day or just feed them all at once.

Amount of times an adult dog should eat in a day

The decision to feed to feed a dog a particular amount of times a day solely rests on the owner with the advice of the veterinary doctor. Even if you go ahead to feed your dog three rations in a day, what is most important is that the required allowable quantity of the food is not exceeded. Try as much as possible not to exceed the weight specified on the feeding chart label

Type of food for adult dog

In getting the best food for their adult dogs, most persons find it rather difficult to decide between dry foods, semi-moist foods, and canned dog foods. They all equally good in what they provide in the body, so it depends especially on what is required by the adult dog.

If more nutrients are required per bite along with less moisture, then the dry dog food would be an excellent option as it gives you the opportunity to meet the nutritional needs of the dog without having to feed it in large quantities and their prices are very affordable too.

With canned food, you get more of water content as they sometimes contain up to 80% water. If your adult dog is a little bit overweight and you want to help trim down on some weights, then canned food can be essential as they contain a lesser amount of calories because of the high water content. Canned foods contain more of poultry, meat, and seafoo.

Getting the best dog food for adult dogs is one vital way you can ensure your adult dog has a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Food, diet, and nutrition are key, and it is important not to compromise on them especially when it comes to the well-being and growth of your adult dogs. You don’t need to break the bank to get the best meals for your dogs, but you love them as much as we do, you would go all out to ensure they get the best dog food for adult dogs.