German Shepherd – The best Working Dog?

The popularity of German shepherd dogs in the world is unquestionable. They are ranked as one of the favorite species of dogs around. Developed with the intent to herd and guard sheep, the German shepherd dogs are known for their industry, courage, intelligence and physical endowment.

Origin of the German shepherd

Going from the name, it is pretty obvious that the Dog originated from Germany and it was made by one captain Max Von Stephanitz as far back as the late 1890’s. His idea was to create a dog that could be beneficial to both the military and police forces. This idea birthed a very intelligent dog with eye-catching looks and excellent versatility.

The popularity of the German Shepherd Dog grew increasingly in the years leading to the World War 1 and also during the world war. Its effectiveness during the war earned it many accolades as well as starring roles in Hollywood. Although attempts were made to change its name several times, the German shepherd name still holds till this day.

How the German shepherd dogs stand out from other breeds

Looking for an active dog, full of energy and at the same time obedient? Then the German shepherd ticks all the boxes. Their overall personality makes them exceptional guard dogs and good at giving protection. They are highly intelligent, extremely loyal and completely focus on a general Sense.

Primarily a herding breed used for protective and guarding duties, German shepherds can be a loving companion to humans. Once they befriend a person, their friendship sticks throughout their lifespan. Boldness, fearlessness and high self-esteem are some of the other personalities and personalities tied to the German shepherd dog.

The perfect partner for the German Shepherd

Ideally, the German shepherd is an active and industrious breed of dog, and as such, it also requires a very lively and active owner. The ideal partner for them would be one who would engage the dog in lots of training and provide a complete attention along with one on one personal time with the dog.

They are naturally intelligent and are easily trainable. Hence why you see them as guard dogs and search dogs most times. The intelligence and ability to be trained easily, meaning they will learn as much as they can from the owner. So if the owner is naturally sluggish, they will tend to pick on this for the duration of their lifetime. It is important that the partner of the German shepherd is an active and fully committed person at all times.

Common statistics and physical features associated with the German Shepherd

Some of the stats and features associated with German shepherd dog breed are highlighted below:

  • The average life expectancy of the dog ranges between a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 12 years. When compared to other breeds, it is relatively short.
  • The female species of this breed weighs between 75 to 95pounds when fully grown, and they grow to a height ranging from 22 to 24 inches.
  • The male breed, when fully grown, weighs around 75 to 95 pounds and grows up to heights within the range 22 to 26 inches.
  • Common colors that can be found as regards this species include red and black combo and tan and black combo. Rare variations such as complete white and black can be seen.
  • The dog comes with a dual coat; a thick outer coat and an inner coat are part of the dog’s anatomy. A rather interesting fact you ought to know about the German shepherd when it comes to its outer coat is that the outer coat sheds every day throughout the year. So, if you do own a German shepherd, be reading for every day sweeping of dog hair.

Places with the highest count of the German shepherd dogs

The popularity of the dog is widely known across various places and countries across the world, and this fame has made its numbers to grow considerably in recent times. The US has a very high number of German Shepherds scattered across each state. In Europe, high numbers of this dog species are witnessed in Germany, Ireland, and England and while in Asia, a considerable amount of the dog species is found in Malaysia and Singapore.