What is the best leash for my dog

Aleash, also known as a lead, is a very important tool for dog owners. Leashes are mostly used together with collar or harnesses for either everyday purposes or training.

All dog leashes have the same basic function – to keep the dog under control and safe in both public places and out-of-doors. It is important to note that dogs are different from each other, regarding size, temperament, body build, and training. These factors will determine the best type of dog leash for your dog.

In choosing the best dog leash for your dog, several things have to be considered. Things like the purpose of the leash – be it for everyday use or training, the leash material and the best leash width and length.

Though the choice of picking a leash may look like a very simple decision, it actually tends to be more difficult given the wide array of leash materials and types. A leash is a very important and effective training tool, coupled with a good collar, and a good relationship between you and your dog. There are several leashes available in almost every material, size and length- choosing from the large array can be a mind-boggling experience. We have created this guide because we know that all those options provide a lot of choices which could make it difficult in selecting the best type of leash for your dog.


There are different types of dog leashes which are suited for different purposes, but the major types are discussed below.


The standard leash is the most common type of leash. They are a solid or braided piece made of nylon or leather, and they vary in length ranging from 4 ft to 8 ft. Standard leashes are used for everyday use and basic training. They consist of a loop handle at one end and a metal clip to be attached to the dog’s collar at the other end. Standard leashes protect your dog during walks and in public places, and they are very cheap.


Retractable leashes contain a nylon band or cord of about 26 – 30 feet that retracts into a handle that can be locked in place at any length. It operates on a similar mechanism to a measuring tape. Retractable leashes are advisable for dogs that are trained and well-behaved on a standard leash, and owners who feel okay with giving their dog more space.


Adjustable leashes are also called multi-function dog leashes. They possess some similarity to standard leashes, but they have some loops along the leash that allows the dog owner to either lengthen or shorten the lead. Multi-function leads can be used at lengths between 3 and 6ft, by adding or removing loops or clips along the length. Adjustable leashes can be wrapped around your waist or body if you like to run or jog with your dog. Ensure your dog is well trained before running with a leash around your waist or body. This is common for those who like to run with their dogs. Be careful only to do this if your dog is well-trained.


Multiple dog leashes reduce the struggles of walking more than one dog especially if they are not really trained. Multiple leads are attached to one handle, allowing you to walk more than one dog at once. Multiple leashes are mostly recommended for well-behaved dogs or pups since they are not really strong. They are mostly made of nylon or leather-like standard leashes.


You can use a seatbelt leash to secure your dog conveniently in your back seat anytime you want to take a ride with your dog in a car. One end of the leash will be attached to the dog’s harness, and the other end will be fastened to the seatbelt clip. A seatbelt leash helps in preventing your dog from distracting you while you’re driving and also protects your dog in the case of car accidents.







3/8 x 6

1 x 180

Up to 10 pounds


5/8 x 6

1.5 x 180

Up to 20 pounds


3/4 x 5

2 x 150

Up to 50 pounds


1 x 4

2.5 x 120

Up to 90 pounds


LEATHERBERG LEATHER DOG LEASH : The leather is a lovely option for a durable, attractive leash, and the Leatherberg is one of the best you can buy. The Leatherberg lease is made from original cowhide leather with a zinc-alloy snap hook. It comes in both black and brown colors and measures six ft long, perfect for medium to large dogs. This leather leash has been tested to stand up to the elements, and won’t attract dust and dog hair the way a nylon version might.

PET LOVERS CLUB HEAVY DUTY DOG LEASH : This two-layer leash is tougher than normal nylon leashes but light enough to be comfortable for everyday use. This product stands apart from others because it comes in five different colors and even has a money-back guarantee. It comes in two sizes, a one-layer version for smaller dogs and the standard two-layer for medium to large. It has a soft padded handle that’s built in for comfort, helping you avoid burns from pulling and lunging.

BLUEBERRY PET CLASSIC SOLID COLOR DOG LEASH : The Blueberry classic leash is a great choice that’s affordable, safe and durable. It comes in 12 different colors and five sizes (ranging from four to five feet in various widths) so that it can work with nearly any dog. If your dog is easy on the leash and doesn’t require a lot of control or guidance, a standard nylon leash will do the job.


TAOTRONICS RETRACTABLE LEASH : TaoTronics Retractable Tangle-Free Dog Leash is one of the best retractable dog leashes available. This retractable dog leash is strong, durable, extends up to 16 feet and is good for dogs up to 110 pounds. TaoTronics has a 1-year warranty, so you don’t need to worry!

BC RETAIL RETRACTABLE DOG LEASH : This BC Retail retractable dog leash with light is great because it has both a LED flashlight and a bag dispenser. These types of leashes can be handy if you walk your dog at night often. It extends up to 15 feet and has a lifetime warranty. However, they are only for dogs up to 50 pounds.

HAPPYDOGZ RETRACTABLE LEASH : A lot of dog leashes have a maximum weight limit of 110 pounds. However, this heavy duty retractable dog leash from HappyDogz can hold up to double that weight, 220 pounds. So, if you have a larger breed (i.e., English Mastiff, St. Bernard, etc.), this is the perfect leash for you. It extends up to 16 feet and has a 10-year money back guarantee.


HALTI ADJUSTABLE TRAINING LEASH : Halti adjustable leash provides maximum control and simplifies training with head collars or harnesses. Some of its features are short length for heel training or normal walking, medium length for obedience training, long length for recall or distance work, hands-free dog training, among others.

6 WAY EUROPEAN MULTIFUNCTIONAL LEATHER DOG LEASH : This Classic Adjustable Leather Dog Leash is designed to make walking your dog easy! Six-way European leashes have been popular with dog obedience trainers, professional handlers, police K9 trainers around the world for years. It is perfect for walking with any dog the length can be easily adjusted to make sure you and your pet are always comfortable. Six Functions in One Versatile Leash! More value for your money.

VARIO 4 MULTI FUNCTIONAL DOG LEASH : EzyDog’s Vario 4 gives dog walkers the option of four different functions in one leash. It can be used at three different lengths of 185cm, 100cm or 75cm to suit any situation. Changes in length can be made while walking, without disconnecting from your dog due to the leash’s simple but ingenious design.


COCO PEAT HEAVY DUTY 3 WAY DOG COUPLER BRAID LEASH NO-TANGLE NYLON PET LEASH : This lead comes with three leashes in one, and it doesn’t tangle. The size of this leash is 36 inches in length and 1 inch wide (not adjustable), while the adjustable leashes are 21.6 -33.6 inches long and 0.8 inches wide.
The coupler is designed for small and medium breeds and made of high-quality, durable nylon with heavy-duty swivel snaps in bright, fashionable colors.

MIGHTY PAW DOUBLE DOG LEASH : This multiple dog leash can be used for big dogs, small dogs, or both! With EZ-glide hardware, the leash can be quickly adjusted from 16-24 inches. The leash accommodates dogs from 0-100 pounds. The Mighty Paw double dog leash is also made of weather-proof nylon and durable hardware

VAUN DUFFY DOUBLE DOG LEASH : The Vaun Duffy’s double dog leash is made specifically for medium to large size breeds and doesn’t do too well with the smaller dog breeds. You can choose the smaller sizes for dogs less than 35 pounds.
Each coupler leash has a specially designed swivel to keep your dogs from getting tangled up and also comes with reflective stitching so that you can walk your dog at night as well.


GUARDIAN GEAR SEAT BELT FOR DOGS : This innovative Guardian Gear Seat Belt connector wraps around your car’s seat belt to keep your dog firmly in place, allowing you to easily set it up and prevent your dog from distracting you while you are driving. It has a secure clip that attaches to your dog’s harness for safe car travel and the seat belt wrap measures 10-1/2 inch length by 2-1/2inch width.

LEEGOAL NYLON DOG SEAT BELT HARNESS : The Leegoal Nylon Dog Car Seat Belt Harness helps to keep your dog protected in place without causing harm to it at the same time. This lease is adjustable between 8-16 inches, fits any type of vehicle, and has a wide choice of colors.

ETEKCITY ADJUSTABLE DOG SEATBELT : The Etekcity Safety leash is a great way to keep your dog fully safe from any crashes or sudden stops that may occur. It has an adjustable length of between 16-27 inches, a universal clip and is comfortable for your dog.