Golden Retrievers – The best Sporting and Family Dog

Take a look into the eyes of the Golden retriever, and you’ll know that this is the perfect family dog. Originally bred as hunting dogs, golden retrievers have become one of the most sought-after breeds of dogs in the US, Canada UK, and Australia. The Golden retriever has become the signature family dog for most people due to its calm demeanor, playful energy, and high social skills – golden retrievers are social with different types of animals and people.

Recognized for its soft, creamy, gold or mahogany long coat, Golden Retrievers are strong and muscular dogs. Golden retrievers generally weigh about 29kg, with a median height of 57cm in males, and 54cm in females. Although they are large dogs, golden retrievers are the perfect companions for kids, since they have zero aggressive tendencies. In fact, they are well suited to life in suburbs and counties. Did I mention that they were once hunting dogs, so you can trust this breed to carry out retrieving tasks, without any fear of damaging the retrieved object? Yes, golden retrievers have a soft grip on retrieved objects, which makes them the ultimate hunting dog. Since Golden retrievers have an eager to please characteristic, they are easy to train. Mind you; this breed sheds a lot at the beginning of each season – preferably twice a year. However, with continuous grooming, you can reduce the amount of shed hair. Golden retrievers shed excessive hair due to certain types of disorders. So, it’s important to visit the Vet, if you notice such.

Origin of Golden Retrievers

As mentioned earlier, Golden retrievers are originally hunting dogs. Golden retrievers were bred in Scotland in the 19th century – a time when waterfowl hunting was very popular amidst the elites. Due to the large appetite for this hunting sport, there was dire need to breed a dog that will not only retrieve game but will not damage the game. What’s more? there was a need to breed dogs that can fetch on both land and water since most of those hunting fields were dotted with marshy areas and ponds.

They are directly related to Labradors.

To achieve the perfect hunting animal, the Tweed water spaniel (now extinct) was cross-bred with the existing retrievers to give us the present day Golden Retriever. There were also rumours of cross-breeding with Russian circus troupe dogs. However, all these rumours were dispelled when historians came across a detailed history of rigorous breeding that produced Golden retrievers, in the home of Dudley Majoribanks (1st Baron Tweedmouth). The first Golden retrievers cross was between a yellow-coated retrievers called “Nous,” and a female tweed water Spanish called “Belle.”

For whom is this breed a good partner?

Well, the Golden retriever is not a one-man dog; doesn’t attach to just one member of a family. Rather, it’s a highly sociable breed that attaches to everyone, including livestock and other household pets. Due to its calm disposition and willingness to learn, this breed is used as guide or mobility assistance dog for the visually impaired. Additionally, they are used as search and rescue dogs in most law enforcement agencies. Lastly, Golden retrievers are perfect companions for those with busy lifestyles, since they are calm and won’t raise much fuss when left for a while.

Common Statistics for Golden Retrievers

Due to the widespread popularity of Golden retrievers, some physical variations have emerged in the breed. These variations have slightly changed the physical appearance of these subsets. For example, the British Golden retriever has a broader skull and a more muscular fore-quarter than other types. However, these variations don’t have any effect on the height or weight of the breed. Male Golden Retrievers generally weight 29-34kg, and a height of 56 – 61cm. On the other hand, the females have a weight ranging from 25 to 29kg, and a height of 51 – 56cm. Lastly, golden retrievers have a life-span of 11 – 12 years, and they are prone to various cancerous diseases.

As mentioned earlier, Golden retrievers have three major subsets; The British-type, the American-type, and the Scottish breed. These subsets have slightly different physical attributes, and they commonly found in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. British Golden Retrievers are not only muscular than other subsets; they have broader skulls and lighter tans than their American counterpart. Furthermore, British Golden Retrievers are taller than their American counterparts, due to its starlight back.