When and how to use a cone or muzzle

Alot of dog owners disagree on the importance of cones and muzzles. Despite the fact that these tools are not accepted, we must admit that there are certain times when they become necessary.

It is possible that the lack of consideration for these training tools stems from ignorance of their use on the part of dog owners or even trainers. We will, therefore, explore the importance of dog cones and muzzles and how they should be used.

What is a dog cone and why is it used?

An Elizabethan collar is often referred to as a pet cone or an e-collar. Some even go as far as calling it the cone of shame. The cone is shaped like a lamp-shade and is worn around the neck of dogs. Dogs do not like cones because it feels like a form of punishment and it causes them a lot of discomforts.

It becomes necessary for you to use the e-collar when you notice that your dog scratches or even bites himself. Your dog might injure himself while scratching his skin because of fleas or for any other reason. When such injurious behavior is noticed, it is important for you to introduce this training tool. The pet cone can also be worn after surgery to prevent your dog from scratching, licking or chewing the surgical incisions. If the cone is not introduced in such a situation, the dog could cause more serious problems. In many other cases, a dog cone can be a great solution to certain treatments.

If you are interested in getting one for your dog, you can get a cone from your vet or a pet store. To make it more enjoyable, buy a special cone which has a soft fabric trim around the neck area.

What is a dog muzzle and why is it used?

A muzzle is a restricting device which is placed over a dog’s mouth to control what enters and how wide he can open his mouth. Muzzles are available in a range of styles and designs. The popular style which is considered suitable for most occasions is the basket muzzle. The plastic or metal variant is allowed and when it is properly fitted, allows your dog to eat and drink without any discomfort.

There are various occasions when it becomes necessary for you to use a muzzle on your dog. During emergencies such as an earthquake or fire, it helps to place a muzzle on your dog as this can help keep him quiet and comfortable while you escape to a safer environment. It has also been shown that some dogs find them comforting when they need to pay a visit to the vet. If your dog feels comfortable with the device in such a situation or on similar occasions, let him wear it.

Some states have laws which require certain breed of dogs to wear muzzles in specific public locations and people-concentrated areas. It becomes necessary for you to be aware of the existence of any such law and abide by it.

If your dog exhibits any form of aggression around other dogs or even humans, it is important for you to introduce a muzzle when you’re in public. This is to avoid the risk of a dog bite.

Dog muzzles are available at pet supply stores or the vets.

How to use a dog muzzle or cone

Muzzles have to be introduced at an early stage, and you cannot do this alone. Get in touch with a professional trainer who can take you through the proper motions. A trainee will also offer advice on the best muzzle style and fit that suits your dog. The training should be made into a fun activity and done at a very slow pace. Remember, your dog should never be unsupervised with a muzzle on.

Just like a muzzle, a cone should be part of socialization, and your dog needs to become familiar with it at the early stages of dog training. To introduce the cone or e-collar to your dog, let him wear it for a few minutes after which you can reward him. When this is done over and over again for longer durations, your dog will not become depressed or withdrawn when you try to wear the cone around his neck. You must ensure that your dog accepts the cone and associates it with something positive.