How to break up a fight between two dogs

Ever seen a dogfight? It’s an unpleasant sight filled with growls, yelps, and perhaps, lots of blood. Sometimes, these fights might cause injury to the owners, when intervening. Dogs are territorial, and it’s not uncommon to see them get in one or two squabbles. In fact, it’s a typical dog behavior to rough-house with similar or different breeds. However, these rough plays can lead to fights, and that is when you need to intervene. Mind you, breaking a fight between two dogs requires specific actions, or else you risk getting hurt. So, what are the different methods of breaking a dogfight.


As mentioned earlier, dog fights are an unpleasant sight. Irrespective of the method you decide to use, it’s advisable to approach dogfights with a calm mind. Resist the urge to draw your dog by the collar, since this might be your first impulse. Avoid yelling at people, and keep children away from such events. It’s ideal for at least two people (the dog owners) to be involved in breaking up the fight.

1. Water spray method

While taking your dog for a stroll down the park (the major site for dog fights), it’s advisable to take a spray bottle with you. This is effective in cases of a dogfight, as the water tends to distract them from the fight. Furthermore, you can use a water hose or any other water dispensing unit to break a dogfight. This method is not only safe but also effective.

2. Throwing a blanket

Just as we find it difficult to fight without our sight, the dog also faces this dilemma. You can break up dog fights by throwing an object, preferably a blanket over them. By doing this, you deprive them of their sight, and this stops them from fighting. Mind you; this method doesn’t work in cases of serious fighting.

3. Make as much noise as you can

Dogfights rarely last long, so you should use whatever you have on hand to distract them. You can break up dog fights by making a loud noise, either by shouting or stomping your feet and clapping your hands. In some instances, shouting intensifies the fight, so it’s preferable to use something loud and shocking like a car horn or house alarm.

4. Physical intervention

This should be the last resort to breaking up a dogfight since it is the least safe method. The dog owners stand the risk of facing serious injuries from dog bites and scratches. However, there’s a safe way to separate dog fights with physical intervention. For this to work, you need the intervention of both dog owners. This involves holding the hind legs of your dog in a wheelbarrow position. It’s important to do this at the same time for both dogs. Pull back their hind legs, and move in a clockwise position – this prevents the dog from flipping around and biting you.

After separation, keep the dogs in a separate chamber or crate and allow them to calm down. Lastly, remember to take your dog to the vet, due to the incurred injuries.