The Rottweiler – The oldest Herding Breed

ARottweiler is a robust, distinctively handsome and powerful dog breed that were originally meant to be butchers dogs. They are very strong, intelligent and an inherent protector. This species of dogs have mostly black with rust color coat or mahogany markings on black furs. They are massive and muscled which makes them very scary for an intruder.


The strong personality the dog has makes it suitable to be used as guide dogs and even police dogs. When it comes to size, the Rottweiler is actually a medium-large breed, and they are bigger than most dog’s breeds excluding some of them like Tibetan mastiff and huskies.

These dogs are very active, so it is advisable that you give it up to 20 minutes of walks daily for it to keep active. If you don’t keep the dog busy, it might find other things to do like chewing the sofa, digging up holes, and chewing on shoes. Rottweiler especially needs to be trained form a very tender age so that they can be safe to have around. It is also advisable for you to get a breeder when you want to buy one. This will ensure that you get the proper assistance where needed.


Rottweiler is really one of the old breeds of dogs, and they might even be the descendants of the famous ancient Roman drover dogs-a mastiff-type dogs with high intelligence and good guarding instincts. These drover dogs were used by Roman soldiers to herd the cattle they brought along when going to war and the Rottweiler was also used for this same purpose. The Rottweiler has a lot of history and were seen at great times in world history. For example, they were used as police dogs in World War 1 and 2, they were used as working dogs by Deutscher Rottweiler-klub in 1914 and became recognized by American kennel club in 1931. They have since then increased in popularity and are among the top ten favorite dog all over the world. The live expectancy of the dog is 10-12 years.


This breed of dogs are very much in the United States of America, and they are mostly indoor dogs. They are also known to have a height of about 24 – 26 inches and have short lengths. Their ideal coat is short, dense and a little bit harsh. They would have reached full adult size by the age of 2-3 years and will then have a broad chest with expectations of becoming a massive dog. Their size does not affect their social skills, and they will be a good fit for your family as long as you have trained them very well-preferably since they were puppies.


Rottweiler is very good when it comes to keeping blind people company. They have a high sense of loyalty, and their muscled-frame allows them to walk them tirelessly. They are also very protective, so blind people would not easily be attacked with this dog at their side. You can also have them around if you have children, but it’s better you do this with supervision. In the police, they are used as police dogs because of their good instinct and fearless personality.

The Rottweiler is really loyal to its family and can be over-protective at a time. Obedience is also one of the characteristics of this dog, and if it has been properly trained, it will follow every directive you give it. They also get so attached to their family and can experience separation anxiety when they are separated from you.


Like all dogs when you own a Rottweiler, you will need to take it to the vet regularly because they are very prone to hip dysplasia and eye issues. They need to be also vaccinated against ringworms and other infections. Also, note that the healthy weight for a Rottweiler is 75-110 pounds. At this weight, the dog will have the best chance of staying healthy.

So if you want to get a Rottweiler, all you need to is make sure you seek the opinion of a breeder, select a suitable puppy, train the puppy adequately - preferably take him to puppy nursery and take it for a regular check-up with the vet. Rottweiler is powerful and have a great personality.